George Lloyd - CSL

This case study focuses on George, a CSL Apprentice who's now working as a Sales Executive for the company.

11th August 2017

George Lloyd works as Sales Executive for Yorkshire, the North East & Scotland having joined CSL over four years ago as an Apprentice. He was keen to complete an Apprenticeship and get hands on experience, doing so by working as a Customer Service Apprentice whilst completing a Level 3 in Customer Service through provider Dynamis Enterprises. Following successfully completing his Apprenticeship, George was promoted to Internal Accounts Manager. In June 2016, George then moved from our Internal Accounts department to part of our on the road Field Sales team – in the role he fulfils today.

George commented: “I decided to apply for an Apprenticeship because I could gain hands-on experience, whilst undertaking professional training from Dynamis Enterprises. It was an important foot in the door, which led me into the Sales industry which I really enjoy. I knew if I was patient that I was working for a company where I would be rewarded, after 3 years I got what I worked for. Now, through company progression, I have been promoted to Sales Executive which involves being on the road and meeting customers face to face having previously spoken to them as an Apprentice over the phone".

Rob Evans, CSL’s Sales Director, commented: “CSL have long been advocates for Apprenticeships in our industry and this includes within our own organisation. George is a great example of how someone can learn their trade on the job via an Apprenticeship. We were delighted to promote George to our on the road sales team last year and look forward to his continual development in his future career at CSL”.