Security Employers lead the way with Apprenticeship training at Banham Academy

Banham Academy is on a mission to provide industry-leading security engineering skills training to apprentices throughout the South East. 

13th October 2017

The Academy was founded in 2014 in response to both a noted skills shortage and as a means of providing the UK’s youth with practical, implementable skills, which lead to rewarding careers in the security system sector. Banham Academy provides only the most up-to-date training and apprenticeships, and are a valuable resource for employers seeking to keep their staff at the forefront of the security technology industry.

As an accredited body, the Banham Academy offers apprenticeships, courses and traineeships which meet the evolving needs of both students and employers, ensuring graduates of their schemes can take charge of their professional careers safe in the knowledge they’ve been trained by the very best. 

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