Apprentice Fire & Security Alarm Engineer


Salary: £148.00 per week

Posted: 2019-01-11

Start Date: 2019-02-11

Recruiter: Detect Fire and Security Ltd

Job Description

Duties include:

  • Working with qualified/experienced engineers
  • Opportunities to gain practical experience and get stuck-in
  • Exposure to a wide range of systems and sites
  • Strong team, good work attitude
  • Liaising with customers, sites, construction sites, planning activities safely, methodically and timely
  • Installing systems
  • Using skills to fabricate, fix and fit
  • Connecting and testing, commissioning and programming software/systems. Using your initiative, taking responsibility
  • Test, inspect, repair & replace existing equipment
  • Find faults and fix problems using your initiative, taking responsibility

Future prospects

Opportunity to qualify and continue within the business as previous apprentices have been promoted to roles with greater responsibility.

Previous apprentices currently employed:

Service Manager, Salesman, Project Manager x 2 , Small works engineer, Commissioning Engineer, Site Manager.

Things to consider

You will be set a practical and a written test before delivering a brief presentation on a subject of your choice. Then, you may be interviewed if you’ve shown sufficient aptitude. Bring your questions and we will answer honestly and fully.

Suits those physically able and agile to carry out the demands of the job as the role involves climbing scaffolds, ladders etc.

Early starts and some late finishes, weekends expected sometimes.

Will involve working in cold & often dirty environments and tasks.

You are payed to learn & be productive for your colleagues. You can make a difference. Just turning-up is nowhere near enough.

You must be able to account for yourself in a work environment, gaining respect from your team and management.

It is your job to learn as much as our job to teach as well as fit in.

If you like sitting down, chatting, texting etc, this isn’t for you.

Desired skills

  • Have some work experience, part-time work etc.
  • Can demonstrate using own initiative to fulfil tasks

Personal qualities

  • Independent and able to think, function for yourself
  • Self starter – inquisitive, seeks answers and learning on own initiative
  • Mature for age and reliable
  • Thrives on responsibility and resolving challenges
  • Has achieved something sport, awards etc.

Qualifications required

  • 5 x C & above GCSE (or equivalent) or 2 x A level
  • Maths, English & science essential

Employer Overview

  • Level 3 Fire Emergency and Security Systems Technician standard

In addition to day-to-day learning:

  • On-line learning
  • Workplace assessments
  • Training centre block release - 2 days every 8 weeks in Knutsford, Cheshire
  • In-house training on-going
  • Specialist manufacturer training on-going
  • Health & Safety training on going
  • Mentor appointed to you in year 1/2

Apprenticeship standard

Fire emergency and security systems technician